Innovative Processes, Sustainable Inspiring Insulation Solutions

About us

IPSIIS is a young start-up founded in October 2014 to develop and enhance a breakthrough innovation: the production of mineral incombustible insulating foams geared to industrial and building materials needs. The breakthrough resides in the fact that these insulating materials can be obtained by valuing either waste or residual materials and/or byproducts. The essential characteristics of the processes reside in the fact that they are very frugal in terms of energy requirements, and quite simple to put in place. These characteristics, combined with superior insulation properties, demonstrated fire bearing properties and a very low manufacturing cost, open a very large spectrum of opportunities.

Yves Le Corfec – CEO and founding member

50 years, 24 years of experience in environmental engineering, toxicology and large exposures audit, expert in charge of environmental liabilities and toxicological constraints and author of a reference book published in 2012 by Dunod. Yves is at the forefront of our technologies.

Marc Fontanet – Founding member

A French-American citizen, Marc has extensive experience in the energy sector and in the fire insurance world. He brings his experience of working with Anglo-Saxon markets to international clients interested in IPSIIS solutions. Marc is responsible for overseeing the positioning and communication of IPSIIS internationally.

Jean-Pierre Morin – Founding member

Jean-Pierre is responsible of the development of technologies and integrated services in the industry. His knowledge of technical developments organization, the steps in contracting process and contract management are essential assets for the development of IPSIIS. Jean-Pierre also works, together with Marc, in the definition of risk control processes related to business models.

Gilles Bocabarteille – Associate

Gilles joined IPSIIS team at the beginning of 2017 and participate in its development. Diplomed Engineer from Arts et Métiers Paris Tech, Gilles has gained more than 20 years of experience in deep-sea drilling sector.
Gilles is well aware of the industrial demand for simple, safe affordable insulation tools and convinced that IPSIIS proposition is part of the solution.

Estefania del Campo Estrada – Research Engineer & Project Leader

Estefania is an engineer from the University of Valladolid and Arts et Métiers ParisTech. She obtained a PhD in foam flow in porous media and she is in charge of the technical development of IPSIIS products and their characterization.

Alexandre Bordenave – Research Engineer & Project Leader

Alexandre graduated from ENSICAEN and earned a PhD on steam transfers in porous media. His mission  within IPSIIS is to pilot product optimization.

Mathieu Maréchal – PhD Candidate 

Mathieu obtained a Master of Engineering of Products and Processes from AgroParisTech. He is a PhD candidate working on the manufacturing process optimization of mineral foams