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IPSIIS: finalist of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge

IPSIIS team honored to be one of the 7 finalists of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge in the New Materials Track:  up cycling wastes for energy efficiency in building and low C02 manufacturing!

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a worldwide renowned science & technology startup competition designed specifically to address the needs of deeptech entrepreneurs across several different industries and technologies. 12 prizes of €15k for the best start-up of each track and a €100k Grand Prize for the best early-stage start-up.  

The Global Summit will take place next 13-14 March in Paris. Further information here.

IPSIIS foams at University of Pennsylvania’s material collection

IPSIIS team is pleased to see some IPSIIS foams (recently labelled “Efficient Solution” by Solar Impulse Foundation) in “Fisher Fine Arts Library Material Collection” by University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Fisher Fine Arts Library hosts thousands of samples ranging from traditional construction materials to emergent and novel samples. The aim of the collection is to bring together innovation and creativity in order to advance conceptualization through tactile exploration. In addition, more than 5000 samples are available at their open-access library of images.

The picture shows the example of IPSIIS foam C, manufactured using industry waste (Burgundy stone cutting sludges) (non-flammable mineral foam, 70 mW/m/K, 250 kg/m3).

IPSIIS foam labelled Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

IPSIIS foam is one of the first seventy Solar Impulse labelled Efficient Solutions. 
A sustainable building and insulation solution for green affordable housing and energy conservation: locally produced, fire-proof, light mineral foam.

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label

The Solar Impulse Foundation is selecting 1000 solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way and awarding them the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. The label seeks to bridge the gap between ecology and economy, bringing together protection of the environment and financial viability, showing governments, local actors and decision-makers that these solutions are real opportunities to achieve a clean economic growth.

Each Efficient Solution (product, process or service) is assessed by independent experts and renowned institutions against a certified methodology based on the following criteria:

·       technological feasability,

·       environmental and socio-economic benefits

·       economic profitability. 

The solution must have reached the maturity stage of at-scale prototype testing in a laboratory and must contribute to the achievement of, at least one of the following five UN Sustainable Development Goals:

IPSIIS foam solution: key features

Experts highlighted the advantage of the full production process: energy and cost efficient and they reuse of waste material as a key for the real benefit. 
The low CAPEX production facilities favors the local implantation.  Product and process are adapted to both developed regions and developing countries and they allow a reduction of energy consumption (5-6% in UE) and lower CO2 emission (by about 5% in UE).

Visit the Solar Impulse website for more information

Marbled IPSIIS foam

IPSIIS manufacturing process allows the use of mineral colorants and therefore the creation of different designs, as those presented in the picture below. Manufactured in series or hand made to create unique samples, marbled IPSIIS foams are the perfect solution for object design and interior decoration purposes.

Marbled IPSIIS foam R, C and S available. 

IPSIIS foams with a terracotta surface finish

IPSIIS team has unveiled the new mineral foams with a terracotta surface finish. With different shades of natural colors terracotta skin provides mechanical resistance, surface protection and a touch of elegance while maintaining the non-flammable character.
The innovative IPSIIS foam combined with noble terracota can be adapted to challenging projects in building, interior decoration and industrial insulation.

IPSIIS is a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, powered by Solar Impulse, is bringing together #1000solutions from start­ups, companies and institutions, that have an idea, a product or a process that can simultaneously create jobs, make profit and protect the environment to improve the quality of life.

IPSIIS is happy to announce that we are a member of the World Alliance ! IPSIIS has just sent the application “IPSIIS Foams” for the #1000solutions. If our proposition is labelized it will be presented during the COP24 by Bertand Piccard !

IPSIIS @ THERMEC’18 (Paris, July 8-13, 2018)

IPSIIS is a sponsor of Thermec’18, the tenth international conference on advanced materials, providing a forum for researchers around the globe to present papers on recent advances in the overall field of science and technology of processing and manufacturing of advanced materials.

Discover IPSIIS foam during the conference at IPSIIS stand (exhibition area).