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IPSIIS foam is a new insulating material (thermal and acoustic) 100% mineral, rigid, non flammable and high temperature resistant. The open porosity of the mineral matrix contributes actively to the maintain of an indoor air quality and to humidity regulation. IPSIIS foam is a safe material: it does not contain any breathable fiber nor flamme retardant. Their physical properties are a major asset in terms of protection of goods and people.

IPSIIS insulating foam can be used in prefabricated pannel form for internal or external insulation. An on-site production of mineral foam, followed by a room temperature foam solidification can be considered in order to respond to the most challenging demands.

Beyond these conventional uses, IPSIIS has received many expressions of interest from designers and architects. The different foam textures, as well as the varied colour ranges obtained with natural pigments and the surface finishes by depositing various varnishes and paints make the material polyvalent. This versatility is particularly suitable for different forms of art creation. IPSIIS is part of the MatériO material library.