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IPSIIS foams with a terracotta surface finish

IPSIIS team has unveiled the new mineral foams with a terracotta surface finish. With different shades of natural colors terracotta skin provides mechanical resistance, surface protection and a touch of elegance while maintaining the non-flammable character.
The innovative IPSIIS foam combined with noble terracota can be adapted to challenging projects in building, interior decoration and industrial insulation.

IPSIIS @ THERMEC’18 (Paris, July 8-13, 2018)

IPSIIS is a sponsor of Thermec’18, the tenth international conference on advanced materials, providing a forum for researchers around the globe to present papers on recent advances in the overall field of science and technology of processing and manufacturing of advanced materials.

Discover IPSIIS foam during the conference at IPSIIS stand (exhibition area).


IPSIIS team is pleased to introduce the new mineral foam pannels, colored with natural pigments. A perfect solution for interior design projects, combining aesthetics and fire protection. A wide range of densities, raw materials and colours will satisfy your needs for the most challenging projects !