Innovative Processes, Sustainable Inspiring Insulation Solutions


IPSIIS is a young start-up founded in October 2014 to develop and enhance a breakthrough innovation: the production of mineral incombustible insulating foams geared to industrial and building materials needs. The breakthrough resides in the fact that these insulating materials can be obtained by valuing either waste or residual materials and/or byproductsThe essential characteristics of the processes reside in the fact that they are very frugal in terms of energy requirements, and quite simple to put in place. These characteristics, combined with superior insulation properties, demonstrated fire bearing properties and a very low manufacturing cost, open a very large spectrum of opportunities.

IPSIIS was created after more than two years of intense research and development, that yielded many interesting proofs of concept, attracting the interest of building professionals and academic researchers. IPSIIS is a winner of the 2014 I-Lab contest, sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research with the support of BPI (French Public Investment Bank).

The specificity and originality of the IPSIIS solutions also fits in quite nicely with the circular economy concept: through our innovative concept, we can allow local production of superior materials though the involvment of several stakeholders in the value chain: waste owners or waste tretament companies, raw material owners, and, if desired, a local workforce with the implementation of a local fabrication unit. Capital requirements are very limited and highly accessible.

The non-combustible nature of IPSIIS foams and their proven resistance to high temperatures allow, beyond their insulating character, allow for many uses in protecting either people or assets at a much lower cost than current existing solutions.