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IPSIIS foam W (Wet)


IPSIIS foam,  the dry matter is 99% mineral, wet and plastic foam, produced on-site.

IPSIIS foam W is applied in thin layer (<4 cm) on  surfaces for fireproofing or thermal insulation.   IPSIIS foam W  solidification by drying  yields a rigid material with exceptional properties for fire and thermal resistance.

IPSIIS foam W is produced on site, using skid pilot plant for direct application and void filling. Viscosity can be adapted to meet specific demand.


Performances (after drying)
Density: 200 – 300 kg/m3.
Thermal conductivity (25°C) : 0,06 – 0,08 W/m.K.
Flame resistance (hot surface) : 1600°C.
Flame resistance (soak heat) : 1200°C.
Compressive strength resistance : 2 – 3 MPa.

On site application
IPSIIS foam W  is applied in a thin layer, using conventionnal tooling
Machining: traditional cutting tools (carbide, building materials)


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