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IPSIIS photos

Industrial realizations

Among the industrial achievements of the company, some photographs to illustrate the ability to machine / assemble the material in different contexts.





The product, in its wet state, has a very strong adhesive power. This characteristic allows the creation of composites on different surfaces: cellulose/wood fibre, steel, wool, polystyrene and others. Thickness of the deposit of mineral foam: from millimeters (by projection) to  centimeters (by casting).


Coloring & surface finishes

IPSIIS team has unveiled the new mineral foams with a terracotta surface finish or ceramic glaze. With different shades of natural colors terracotta skin provides mechanical resistance, surface protection and a touch of elegance while maintaining the non-flammable character.
The innovative IPSIIS foam combined with noble terracota can be adapted to challenging projects in building, interior decoration and industrial insulation.

The mineral character of the foam assures a perfect compatibility with almost all types of coats and plasters.


The product is available in different color ranges using natural colorants added during the formulation phase. Frames and self-adhesive canvases are also compatible with the material.