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Thermal insulation

An insulation material must ensure optimal thermal resistance (low thermal conductivity) in the long term at low cost. It should not induce health, safety, or indoor air quality issues. Energy savings should be maximum and the investments must remain measured. Ability to provide a constructive function and a dimensional stability are essential features in many contexts.
The inorganic foam is very insulating (low thermal conductivity, with a λ today between 40 and 60 mW / mK). This characteristic is maintained in a very wide range of temperatures.
Besides their thermal insulation properties, IPSIIS foams allow an acoustic insulation. Their internal structure, based on an open porosity, contributes to the renewal of the air and the moisture regulation. IPSIIS foams energy content is low compared to insulation materials produced from hydrocarbons or mineral fibers (rock wool or glass wool), that need high temperatures during the manufacturing process. Energy content of a “functional unit” is particularly advantageous: 20 kWh/m2 of isolated area). The carbon content is also very low (<4 kg CO2 / m2) due to the predominant use of unprocessed mineral resources in obtaining mineral foams.

Fireproof, heat resistant

One of the most important challenges of this century is to ensure the safety of goods and people. Industrial and/or domestic accidents associated with the onset of a fire are numerous (about 1,000 annual deaths and serious injuries in France and 100,000 worldwide).

IPSIIS materials provide a solution in fire protection, proposing nonflammable and non-combustible foams, resistant to temperatures exceeding 1000°C. A perfect solution for the protection of steel and wooden constructions.

As shown in the figure below, the material resists thermal shocks and strong temperature gradients:
A sample having a thickness of 2cm, is maintained at a temperature of about 900°C, the temperature of the opposite surface remains moderate (two minutes test, the cold face temperature <60 ° C).

FeuMaterial valuation

IPSIIS uses recycled materials, favoring a spontaneous aceptation of the circular economy concept. Thus IPSIIS foam manufacturing process can be implemented locally, close to deposits of raw materials.