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Few photos to illustrate the ability to machine / assemble the material in different contexts.



The product, in its wet state, has a very strong adhesive power. This character makes it possible to envisage the creation of composites on typical surfaces: wood, steel, wool, polystyrene and others. Thickness of the mineral foam deposit: from a few millimetres (by projection) to a few centimetres (by casting).


IPSIIS foams are compatible with terracotta, glaze or other finishes. Available in various shades of color, terracotta provides mechanical resistance, surface protection and a touch of elegance while retaining its non-flammable character. The innovative IPSIIS foam is perfectly adapted to the challenges of the building, interior decoration and industrial insulation fields. The inert and mineral character of the foam ensures compatibility with almost all paints and coatings.

The product is available in different colour ranges by using natural dyes added during the formulation phase.