Innovative Processes, Sustainable Inspiring Insulation Solutions


IPSIIS – environmental friendliness, energy saving and safety for industry and buildings

Energy saving is a prime objective worldwide. Environmental demands are getting tougher. Technological innovation is key to adapting to this new paradigm. IPSIIS has developed innovative solutions for fire-resistant thermal insulation for buildings and industrial facilities.

The IPSIIS offering: materials and methods:

  • Non-inflammable, high heat resistant insulation foams;
  • Light-weight, fire-resistant materials with exceptional insulation qualities;
  • Fast, low-temperature and low-cost « on site » production;
  • Re-use of locally-available recycled materials and natural resources;
  • Industrial process with on-site manufacturing;
  • Energy-saving in the production and use phases.

The local dimension of the production phase is a prime sustainable development benefit. IPSIIS has set up partnerships with government and industry and makes a significant contribution to the energy transition by promoting local initiatives.

16th contest I-Lab

IPSIIS is an award winner of the 16th French national contest for innovative start-ups, with the support of the Ministry of State Education, Higher Education and Research as well as the French Public Investment Bank

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