Innovative Processes, Sustainable Inspiring Insulation Solutions

A game changer in high temperature insulation

Insulation, energy efficiency, fuel bills & product stewardship:

Manufacturing industries dealing with energy intensive processes are currently evolving in a fairly complex environment with numerous challenges. Competitiveness/customers satisfaction has to be obtained while complying with stringent legislations and increasing fuel costs.

“ To save 20% in energy consumption by 2020 ”

In EU, for example, energy efficiency regulation establishes a set of binding measures to reach the 20% improvement in energy efficiency target by 2020 and an ambitious target of at least 30% by 2030. Countries and stakeholders are required to use energy more efficiently at all stages of the energy chain, from production to final consumption in a life cycle assessment philosophy.

The situation is the same in most parts of the world and even if fuel prices can differ,  CO2 content, energy bills and labour costs are not only a problem of operational costs but become a driver of the global competitivity of a business and its production.  

New solutions can help address those issues and improve significantly the situation in the field of  improved fuel utilization, better insulation, lower energy and CO2 content.

IPSIIS high temperature insulation mineral foams constitute a new solution that let your organisation evolve towards more flexibility, efficiency and safety in the management of the production tool hence decreasing fuel bills and evolving towards sustainability.

“ IPSIIS FOAM – light, fibre-free & low CO2 insulation ”

IPSIIS mineral foams constitute safe, effective insulation solution obtained from safe industrial grade natural resources. They are light, fibre-free and does not generate respirable dust.
IPSIIS proposal helps solving industrial issues while eliminating occupational health concerns: both management, workforce and legal authorities will appreciate product stewardship and operational benefits.

“ A game changer in high temperature insulation ”

IPSIIS foams is a new class of materials:

IPSIIS proposition is a game changer in the field of high temperature insulation. IPSIIS mineral foams are different from usual insulating materials but yet provide full compatibility with most pieces of equipment and interoperability with conventional solutions.

This unique opportunity provides both end-users and contractors with an option  to reach a new level of energy efficiency and cope with the challenge of safe, reliable, high temperature insulation in demanding environments.

It is an effective new solution for energy management in high temperature. Applicability ranges from family-run businesses to large energy intensive industries both for new equipments or repair jobs.
Mineral foams are also a versatile raw material that can provide organisations with  new options for innovation in their core business: burner block, heat exchanger, sealing and airtightness management…

IPSIIS foams unique properties result from 4 essential characteristics:

  • Lightness and rigidity
  • Crushing strength
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • High temperature resistance

The value creation derives from different specificities:

  • Affordable high temperature insulation
  • Versatile proposition for energy efficiency in both manufacturing and building industries
  • Opportunities for prefabrication, on-site or in-situ production
  • Low energy, low CO2 content product with excellent Energy Return on Energy Invested ratio
  • Choice between high porosity and air tightness

Main applications:

  • Insulation up to 1300°C
  • Kiln and Furnace manufacturing
  • Heat shield and Fire protection
  • High temperature catalyst carrier
  • Fireproof and High temperature resistant equipments

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