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Affordable high temperature insulation

The high-temperature insulating materials are merely a regional driven market. Logistic costs and custom duties limit imports from other regions. With a restricted supply chain, manufacturers are facing issues to reduce their manufacturing costs and improve their solutions:

  • mitigation of fuel bills
  • optimization of duty cycles and temperature pattern
  • management of safety issues

The direct cost of insulating materials for high-temperature can represent a significant part of the overall manufacturing cost (especially for industrial kilns) and technical options are therefore critical choice.

Thanks to its patented process, IPSIIS delivers refractory ceramic panels, gathering outstanding physical, thermal and mechanical properties at a very competitive cost.

IPSIIS provides manufacturers with cost effective cutting edge insulating materials.

“ < 350 kg/m3 ”

IPSIIS foam is a high performance light mineral material (< 350 kg/m3) that can substitute heavier materials such as concrete (> 2000 kg/m3), fibers blocks  or refractory bricks (> 500 kg/m3) in different environments.

Effective, safe, light and fibre free, refractory mineral foams combines serious assets:

“ Monolayer insulating panel ”

Kiln structure is often a multilayer concept and ensuring a good thermal insulation and a correct structural holding of all equipments remains a challenge. IPSIIS foam is a key product for the reduction of insulation layers: a lightweight rigid insulation material than can easily substitute a multilayer assembly, with associated reduction of costs.  

“ Low energy consumption ”

IPSIIS foam low thermal inertia makes the material a perfect candidate for quick rise operations.

“ Fully recyclable ”

Additionally, IPSIIS has the potential to reduce  further the manufacturing cost by up-cycling inert refractory wastes as raw material: recycling refractory dusts and even cutting scraps issued from material machining.

The IPSIIS solution enables a genuine contribution to energy efficiency and circular economy. The soft manufacturing process allows the recycling of IPSIIS foams in the proprietary process, otherwise dealt with as inert wastes.

IPSIIS foam help improve process efficiency by reducing energy consumption, emissions and operating costs.  The dimensions of standard foam panels (600*400 mm) are 11 times larger than those of the standard bricks (220*110 mm) hence decreasing drudgery of labor and costs.

“ 11 times larger than bricks ”

Open porosity induce a nice compatibility with refractory cements and ease of machining with all conventional tools.  Despite its lightness, IPSIIS foam has good mechanical properties. Monolayer panel of IPSIIS foam leads to optimized material flows and assembly solutions (less manpower, tight schedule, easy industrial exposure management).

“ Density triggered to meet end-user specifications ”

Density can be adapted to end-user demands (mechanical requirements, insulation properties) and substitute heavy refractory concrete blocks for customer benefits :

  • Simple implementation without handling machines
  • Burner units machinables on-site
  • Better HSE standard
  • Used burner units can be fully recycled into new burner units

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