Innovative Processes, Sustainable Inspiring Insulation Solutions

A technical solution to face the specific needs of high temperature industrial world

Understanding of the mechanisms involved in ceramics and metal alloys production has been, for long, an indicator of the degree of development of civilizations and their technical mastery. Time has passed, uses multiplied and these two families of products always accompany us in everyday uses.

Since a few decades the most demanding applications even combine these two worlds in the production of metallic ceramics « cermet » for medical, industrial or military applications…

The need to develop inert, high temperature, high stress resistant materials is clear and will remains high in historical fields.

It will increase sharply in specific demanding industrial environments with new challenges for the design of production lines.

  • Manufacturing requires furnaces and heat treatment equipments dealing with technical constraints
  • Operating and maintenance procedures be simple and effective, compliance with regulatory requirements readily obtained
  • Industrial deployment quick and easy
  • Cost of tooling should remain under control  

IPSIIS foams are rigid, lightweight and have good compressive strength and low thermal conductivity, they make no use of any toxic or classified raw material and do not contain any fibre.

Therefore they can be deployed without fuss and provide you with new business opportunities: a good candidate to address technical challenges.

Their essential characteristics open new routes without prohibiting the use of historical practices:

  • They replace insulating bricks whenever weight and thermal inertia are objective constraints without having to reevaluate the mechanical strength of bearing structures
  • They replace ceramic fibers whenever the concern linked to personnel exposure and the management of classified products are significant preoccupations 

Should we emphasize that we strongly believe that IPSIIS foams will not only help you produce your products but can also become, on their own, part of your solutions they are easy to machine, safe and affordable.

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