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IPSIIS solution

IPSIIS has developped a product which can do both fireproofing and insulation solution. It is the first light rigid insulation material that is fire and high temperature resistant. The product is 100% natural or made with recycled waste material, it offers both fireproofing and insulation without side effects on human health. The process is non capitalistic at any scale and products can be delivered at a really low marginal cost.

What opportunity?

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What market?

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What market players?

They trust us

CleanTech Open France contest

IPSIIS is very glad to be one of the 8 winners of the 6th edition of CleanTech Open France. This represents a wonderful encouragement for the whole team.

Badge CTO - Lauréat 2015

“The final of this 6th edition, which was held September 16th in Paris, was a visionary entrepreneurs pool in which 8 gems were distinguished on the criteria of innovation, sustainability, job creation and especially value creation in their networks.”

16th contest I-Lab

IPSIIS is an award winner of the 16th French national contest for innovative start-ups, with the support of the Ministry of State Education, Higher Education and Research as well as the French Public Investment Bank

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