Innovative Processes, Sustainable Inspiring Insulation Solutions

develops noncombustible, insulating  and refractory mineral foams. IPSIIS values ​​natural resources and recycled materials for energy efficiency and protection of both goods and people. Low CAPEX and a safe process allow dedicated local production.

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Decembre 2018 Solar Impulse Foundation

IPSIIS Foam has just been labeled “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution”.

Octobre 2018 Hello Tomorrow Top 500 Deeptech startups 

IPSIIS is proud to announce that we’ve been selected as one of @Hello Tomorrow’s Top 80 deeptech startups from over 4,500 applications from 119 countries.

World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

IPSIIS is glad to be member of World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, created by Solar Impulse Foundation.

CleanTech Open France contest

IPSIIS is very glad to be one of the 8 winners of the 6th edition of CleanTech Open France. This represents a wonderful encouragement for the whole team.

Badge CTO - Lauréat 2015

“The final of this 6th edition, which was held September 16th in Paris, was a visionary entrepreneurs pool in which 8 gems were distinguished on the criteria of innovation, sustainability, job creation and especially value creation in their networks.”

16th contest I-Lab

IPSIIS is an award winner of the 16th French national contest for innovative start-ups, with the support of the Ministry of State Education, Higher Education and Research as well as the French Public Investment Bank

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