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IPSIIS Foam labélisée EFFICIENT SOLUTION par la fondation Solar Impulse

1000+ Solutions to change the World

Climate policy is a story of false promises and resistance to change by those who still believe they must choose between ecology and economy. Too many governments and companies are announcing carbon neutrality targets for 2050 without having the concrete solutions to achieve them. We will change that.

The Solar Impulse Foundation, its experts and partners have identified, assessed and labelled 1,000 technological solutions capable of protecting the environment in a financially profitable way.

Bertrand Piccard

IPSIIS – A sustainable insulation solution for green affordable housing and energy conservation.

IPSIIS develops light mineral foams: a fireproof new material for safe insulation, energy efficiency in housing, green building and industry, specially designed for protection of goods and people.
This foam is a rigid, new material with insulation and fireproofing properties, that can be used in production and construction sector alike. Manufacturing plants are implemented locally and valorise natural or recycled minerals (that count for 90% of the end product) thanks to a safe, scalable, frugal process.


What is the goal of the Solar Impulse Foundation?

The Solar Impulse Foundation’s goal is to boost the adoption of pro table solutions to protect the environment. We believe these solutions have the potential to future-proof our planet in an economically viable, socially acceptable and sustainable way.

What is the background of the Solar Impulse Foundation?

The Solar Impulse Foundation started with Bertrand Piccard’s impossible vision: to y around the world without using a single drop of fuel. The solar plane built for this project, Solar Impulse 2, proved to the world that we could achieve incredible feats with renewable energy and clean technology. For Bertrand Piccard what has been accomplished in the air can be done on the ground. Arguing that the solutions to protect the planet in a pro table way exist, he launched a new gigantic project: nding 1000+ solutions that prove enough ingenious and innovative drive to protect the environment and do it without renouncing human progress and comfort – because they boost economic growth at the same time. The challenge was clear: we need to nd 1000+ products, processes, or services that work for both the environment and the economy.

What is the Solar Impulse E cient Solution Label?

The Solar Impulse Ef cient Solution Label is the only evaluation available today that certi es the economic pro tability of products and processes that protect the environment in the elds of water, energy, mobility, infrastructure, industry and agriculture. While most other labelling schemes provide consumer-facing guarantees, our label provides a more holistic approach that aims at bridging environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. It is awarded following a rigorous evaluation process carried out by a pool of independent experts and based on veri ed standards covering the three main themes of feasibility, environmental impact and pro tability. This process is based on charters drafted in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact and its principles and is audited by an external party (EY) in accordance with ISAE 3000. The Label is recognised and endorsed by public authorities, industry experts, and nancial partners across all industries.